Are you guilty?               yes..!!.

Why?                                   far too many crimes of deranged, wretched hopes.

Does it matter?              Not for a single bleeping second it does not.

 . . at least for that which cannot be seen, heard, acknowledged, felt, illicit disgust from another {but your royal abhorrently weak self fuelled by your pathetic heart & tortured warrior mind desperately trying to break free from any association with that heart !}

The solid bold taste of black coffee leaves my taste-buds more satisfied than de most orgasmic cuisine. If I tried hard enough, I could see my reflection in this cup. If I tried even harder, I could exhaust myself without anymore one-way conversations with God.

We’re not much different, shades of black & I, descendants of the dark &&where I find myself in another stimuli-laced, mind numbing tirade of questions without answers, answers without reply, replies without basis. Philosophically driven, realistically miracle quality material drumming up fantasies in the corridors of your imagination. Kind`a like staring at your naked reflection in your bathroom mirror fogged by steam, sexy but barely recognizable. Hot water dispensed in the bathtub you spent seemingly hours soaking in, breathing in lavender & magnolia candles watching your silhouette do a dirty dance & then disappear in your comfort zone hoping for tomorrow to be better than yesterday, than that very moment.

Self-talk, a billion & 1 ( for that dimly burning candle of hope which don’t ever die down). Fkuc the rest, 1 life is not much for hell if you believe in reincarnation & If you don’t . . don’t bother get yourself thinking of what comes after death when prior to death, sin loves you to death?!

Oh it’s been a God damned long while, but realistically another chapter has only begun, carrying forward from the unfinished ones.

Any bloody pursuers? I wonder if he will know what he’s in for, or be driven by infatuation like the rest, until they fall flat. I am my own perfect disaster.

“Life is what you make of it” – he said.

Right you are..! but where the ╒∞|< do you start?