I am . .

I am an intricate creature with a human soul,
A contender of emotional impulses twined by animalistic instincts

I am an individual that dwells in solitude to find her peace of mind
I am a carousel of contradicting characteristics, fits of unpredictable twists

I am a face of humanity; my one and only purpose for seemingly existing
I am a heart full of compassion but a mind packet with razor-sharp intuition

I am a free-spirit who loses herself within cultures & traditions of mother earth
I am a person who lives in abstracts and defines with shades of black & white

I am the heartbeat that is willing to stop to stand for every passionate belief
I am a vision which leans on perception to build life’s every single new foundation

I am a mind which never stops weathering rainstorms of thoughts and dreams alike
I am the skittles of mood-swings’ you never know what colour you’ll discover in

I am a painting of nature stained in watercolour on a canvas full yet devoid of all colours
I am a sense of feeling which breathes through her eyes by reflecting the loves of her life

I am one that bursts out laughing remembering something from the past; at oddest times
I am the voice of the unheard, tales of traditions sacrificed to immaculate, invading new worlds

I am a vivid imagination of dreams and hopes sheltered within my bloodied warrior armour
I am the ambience of forgotten sea shores, cries of forsaken loves immortalized in abysmal souls

I am the tongue that can cut through stones but every being in/of my heart I protect more
I am a warrior who will fight and fall every step of the way but emerge victorious as I learn

I am farewell, refusing to say goodbye; I decide not turn a blind eye
I am a child at heart, a girl by nature, a woman by standard; human by demeanour


Yet, all of who I am, my soul is ancient as the universe, conditioned by experience, confined to existence. I am every emotion of every woman waltzing through rainstorms of fate, smiling with faith, breathing the colours of this universe.

I am every woman, I am every child & I am every girl, embroiled by iconic movements of human nature, clashes of cultures, quests of love, searches of peace, foundations to build, roads to cross, allies to strengthen, roles to embody, love to protect, hate to diminish, hearts to touch, critics to silence, lullabies to sign, worlds to nurture, faces to light up like a billion stars descending midsummer nights.


When it is all over, I remain utterly human 


 © .S K.